Evolution of luxury Pavara Group

young property developer of high-end luxury residences in Phuket, and a subsidiary of Mongkon Mahakit , an internationally leading gold jewelry manufacturer since 1987. For years, Mongkon Mahakit has proudly been working with the world’s top jewelry brands in producing the products of great design and quality.

Pavara Development, a dynamic and forward-looking company, has embarked on a compelling mission to redefine the established norms of tropical modern design in Phuket. For over a decade, this style has been a hallmark of the region. Guided by an internationally acclaimed design team, the Pavara Khiri Collection is on a quest to rediscover the essence of 'exclusivity' and 'functionality' by skillfully blending modernized contemporary Thai architecture with elegant simplicity and tropical practicality.

The project is an exquisite 5-star resort, featuring 16 exclusive luxury pool villas ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms, each thoughtfully placed within spacious land plots. Nestled off Soi Pasak 8, the location possesses a unique charm, with serene and scenic surroundings adorned by lush greenery cascading gently down a hilly slope, offering breathtaking mountain vistas. Despite its peaceful ambiance, the resort remains conveniently accessible to various attractions, including the beach, renowned restaurants, sports complexes, and lifestyle community malls, all within a convenient 10-minute drive.

  1. Timeless Design: We masterfully fuse the essence of Thai materials and shapes with contemporary material usage and clean details, ensuring our designs withstand the test of time while embracing modern aesthetics.
  2. Tropical Culture: We seamlessly integrate spaces with cross ventilation and lush landscapes, celebrating the beauty of the tropics while creating a refreshing ambiance that
    harmonizes with the natural environment.
  3. Simple Elegance: Our resort textures and home interiors are characterized by clear, modern design layers, exuding a sense of refined simplicity that enhances both visual appeal and comfort.
  4. Exceptional Functionality: We prioritize the seamless integration of functional elements within our designs, ensuring that every aspect of the resort and its villas efficiently and effectively serves its intended purpose.

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